Do you really need a light meter?

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Barrie Davis
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Re: No for these, but yes for those

tundracamper wrote:

In just the two days I've been playing, I've been amazed at the ease of setting up multiple lights.

It is easier because you already had the practise doing it the other way. If you were starting lighting completely from scratch, it wouldn't be quite like that... as we see from the enquires made in these forums.

Then again, if you had been making rough notes of what worked prior to getting the meter, you would eventually have reached the speed of set of set-up that you now enjoy...

.... after all, we did used to get sophisticated flash light set-ups correctly balanced and exposed before flashmeters were invented, you know....

... in fact, for quite a long while after studio flash packs became available at a price top studios could afford... the price of a crude mains-powered flashmeter was still equivalent in cost to that of a small car... so, very much a luxury accessory that did NOT get bought...!

..... (I worked out my own method using incident readings off the modelling lights.)

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