Inverse-Square Law?

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Re: Inverse-Square Law?

WFulton wrote:

UKphotographers wrote:

Here's the definition of the Inverse square law: Manual of photography: focal press:

The inverse square law applies strictly to point sources only. It is 'approximately' true for any source small in proportion to to it's distance from the subject. The law is generally applicable to lamps used in shallow reflectors, but not when deep reflectors are used. It is not applicable to the illumination provided by a spotlight'.

I think your source is incorrect, and is merely a confusion factor. I think my way below makes much more sense than anything I've heard heard here, and furthermore, it actually works to track inverse square law - and yet, I've never owned a point source.

People used to believe the world was flat and they were wrong too.

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Samples of work:

Theres only one sun. Why do I need more than one light to get a natural result?

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