LumoLabs: Pentax K-5 low light focus study is published

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Re: Real world meaning???

dlacoutu wrote:

Walt_A wrote:

I'm curious, do you think these are both of the same sharpness?

Also, you're using a 16mm lens at f/2.8, which is frankly not the best focal length to test front-focus... Try it again at 50mm with the flash on, I'll bet you'll see FF...

At 16mm f/2.8, for a target 1m away, you'll have 47cm of DoF!!!

I'm getting dizzy my first examples were at 50 mm and 135 mm It was said the 'problem' is only at wide angle so I posted the 16mm examples (32cm DoF approx 4cm).

Now You say the exact opposite well as I've covered every aspect (I have some at 400mm if you want) I think I'll drop this subject until it can be decided just what the problem is.

Needless to say with the different views and reports as to what cause the issue and how to reproduce it I'm having a hard time believing there's any systematic problem at all.

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