Oly 150mm 2.0 or K-5 plus DA* 200 2.8

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Re: Yes, the Pentax lens is water resistant.

I suspect if I looked at the Pentax 200/2.8 in a vacuum and didn't already own Oly gear I'd be interested in it, as its flaws are relatively minor. But given the OP owns an E-5 already and the 150 is unarguably the better lens, I'd rather sink my money into that lens and not add a lens and a body from a completely different system to my kit (which strikes me as a pretty loopy alternative). The kicker is the Zuiko will hold its value should he entirely ditch Oly down the road.



Shotted wrote:
This isn't an old Pentax lens, this is also a new design.


This from the Photozone test report from Photozone-

"In critical scenes (extreme contrast) the lens shows a rather high amount of purple fringing and longitudinal chromatic aberrations (LoCA), colored out-of-focus halos, are also higher than average. These two issues do probably originate in the rather old base design of the lens dating back to 1993".

However, the overall results of the test were positive.


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