GF1 steals the show?

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Re: GF1 steals the show?

Helm2 wrote:

Why doesn't this surprise me

In the film days I used to own Nikon F2, F3, Leica M3 and a Rolleiflex for the 6x6 format. Including lenses and auxilliary equipment, tons of material to carry around.
At one time I gave up and sold it all.

Now I bought a GF1 and I'm happy with the quality of the pictures and the equipment and above all with the size and weight.

My biggest problem now is how does an old man learn all that digital stuff such as computers, camera, lightroom, photoshop etc.......who knows may be some sunny day it will all come together

You sound like a hundred year old person. I'm no kid but sure as hell learned the computer and CS5 with no trouble. All the Photoshops for that matter and use CS5 each day editing the many pictures I take. Learning gets old through lack of use.


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