Nikon D7000

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I Returned D7000 after 1 day !!!!!

jmmgarza wrote:

Today, after placing the Nikon D7000 in my hands, sadly, my digits had little room to roam between the kit lens and grip. I felt cramped. I then tried the Canon EOS 60D. Yes, this camera gave my all-important fingers more room to play. By the way, my fingers are not fat or large. In fact, they fit quite easily into a men's medium glove. Feeling comfortable when shooting is important to me.
Jesus Manuel Mena Garza

Bought D7000 last month, I returned it after 1 day.

The shutter button didn't feel right on my index finger.
I really hate it.

It was nice to my middle finger though but I never shoot with middle finger.

D7000 sucks !!!

I tried 60D, Oh my god..... my index finger enjoyed the button very much. Felt like I am in heaven
Thank's to Canon

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