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Re: DSLR revisited

gail wrote:

PaulRivers wrote:

There are good things about a dslr. Sharness and "extra data" in good light...not so much.

At least not with the kit lenses.

I've gotten some excellent shots with kit lenses, many actually.

Some of the newer kits lenses do quite well. Of course lenses that cost hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands dollars more will give sharper images and, if they are fast lenses, do better in low light. Some focus faster too.

Listen, I wish I could afford some of the better lenses. I can't. Besides many of them are double and triple the weight of the kit lenses.

For many, kit lenses are just fine. Like any other lens, and individual needs to to learn to learn about and work with the strengths and weaknesses of any given lens.

Instead of forum folks constantly telling others that kit lenses suck, why don't we help them better understand things like aperture and focal length and their effect on depth of field, as well as encourage them to find a lenses "sweet spot."
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My 50D came with the 18-200 5.6 kit lens I never liked the quality on the 50D, but after buying my 7D and trying the 18-200 on it, I notice it was getting very sharp and colorful results.

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