LumoLabs: Pentax K-5 low light focus study is published

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Re: Real world meaning???

awaldram wrote:

If you can see a mistake in my approach to reproducing this 'malaise' the k5 suffers from then please enlighten me.

We all make mistakes and me more than others

I mean I feel really left out what with lab results an all, If a Spanish shopkeeper can test 100 k5's and the're all faulty whats wrong with mine ?

Maybe your correct and I'm to stupid to see it.

I had the stain (twice) I can reproduce quite a few P-ttl bugs so I want to miss-focus with everybody else as well.

I mean 25% inaccuracy should really be easy to spot shouldn't it?

Well you never were one to just go along with everyone else. Had to be different, huh? Had to just go out and have it work right…

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