File links in Microsoft Money

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File links in Microsoft Money

I am looking for an answer to a question about Microsoft Money.

Please share any information you think I could use, like an answer or a suggestion as to where I might do further research.

In Money there is a feature that lets me link a file to a transaction. I can scan important bills or related documents for future reference, link to a transaction and find them quickly using this useful feature.

Let's say I have a folder called "My Bills" and it contains many subfolders for various bills and documents. Examples would be "House Payment", "Car Payments", etc. These sub folders may also contain additional sub folders such a "2010", "2011", etc.

My question is how to make changes to this file structure and let Money know about the changes without having to re-link every transaction in a renamed or moved folder.

I want to find where Money stores the path to these links and be able to make edits.

I have searched the registry for file names of linked documents and found nothing. I also searched for a file that might contain this information without success.

I use Adobe Lightroom and like being able to re-link files and folders that where moved outside of Lightroom. I hope I can do this manually for Money.

Thanks, Floyd

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