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Fair enough

I definitely haven't tried using the PP tool (or other similar tools) that you used to bring out whatever banding might be buried in there. I also agree that it should be addressed by Canon... in particularly, the low ISO noise even at normal exposures is higher than it should be. Frankly, the banding simply has been a non issue for me, even at pixel peeping levels of analysis, but acknowledge that my tools (LR3, CS5) may be compensating for something that's there.

My original response was basically to address the fact that some posters (particularly the one I was responding to) are making WAY too big a deal out of the differences in IQ between 7D, 60D, and T2i images. Those differences would most definitely have zero impact in any camera buying decision I had to make. The functionality differences between these cameras far overshadow IQ as a decision factor IMHO.

kimvette wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

Many folks here (myself included) just aren't seeing low ISO pattern noise issues with the 7D.

For a long time I was skeptical and jeered at the notion by posting my now-infamous 7D banding example:

. . . and I was convinced the problem was either 100% user error, or 100% due to ACR because I never, ever see the issue in DPP. However, it wasn't until after I severely undexposed-and-pushed shots and still didn't see the issue that I delved into it deeper. To rule out ACR I used dcraw (dcraw is an open source package) to eliminate any "hidden" "undocumented" postprocessing, and to my surprise the banding was definitely there. It isn't the severe issue some make it out to be, but viewing at 100% in underexposed images it is immediately apparent. It is stupid-easy to clean up but really, Canon should be dealing with this issue even in raw as the data is read from the sensor, since the pattern is very regular and therefore easily predictable and easily dealt with using relatively simple non-CPU-intensive algorithms.

So, while the issue is not as bad as the showstopper some make it out to be, the issue definitely does exist.

Am I unhappy with my 7D and do I regret choosing it over the 5DmkII? Absolutely not. I love the control layout, the viewfinder, and the AF - and the fast burst rate has come in really handy. Do I think Canon should address this issue through firmware fixes, and in the 7D mk II through really focusing on reducing high ISO noise and low-iso banding? Absolutely. That should be the area where Canon pushes the technology; not on increasing megapixel counts, or creative shooting modes, or any bulls* t like that - but across-the-board improvements in image quality - all of these: high ISO performance, spatial resolution, much higher DR, and eliminating banding.

IMHO there is no excuse for the banding issue, even as easy as it may be to eliminate in post.

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