m.zuiko 40-150 is only 109.99 at staples.com

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Re: Compared against regular 4/3 version

Laszlo13 wrote:

I did some semi technical tests, comparing against my regular 4/3 version. It seems about as sharp - in all focal lengths. It seems to be slightly less sharp wide open, but then as sharp stopped down just a bit. As I was really happy with the 4/3 version (on my e-30) I'm really happy with this lens. It's not surprising I guess about the photo quality, given that it must be the same formula. I was surprised that it's slightly longer than my 4/3 version, although thinner. Not a whole lot different weight wise - but does seem better / nicer finished. Shame about the plastic lens mount. Focusing on my e-p1 is astonishing (to me). Indoors it's as fast as my e-30 with 40-150 phase detect.

If you find that astonishing, try one of the Panasonic cameras. I have the E-P1 as well, and while it focuses the 40-150 in a fair amount of time, it's at least three times slower than the lens is on my GH2 (plus there's a much more accurate focus point...smaller area). On the GH2, the lens focuses nearly instantly.

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