[News] NX Future Briefing in NX11 Introduction Meeting

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Re: [News] NX Future Briefing in NX11 Introduction Meeting

Shahmatt wrote:

Someone mentioned that Samsung has not produced any good wide lenses. I would recommend considering these options by Samyang for the time being:


Samyang has made some very cheap, but very nice lenses indeed. I am not too familiar with their NX line up. I was very surprised it did not get any attention on this forum when they announced a special NX lens (at least at first).

Also, someone else has said that the NX series is just a copy of Panasonic's G series cameras and that there is nothing innovative about it.

I disagree on the basis that:

a. The NX10 was the first APS-C sensor based mirror-less camera in the world. Sony's NEX followed at least 6 months later.

Yes and it was more than 1 year after Panasonics g1 series.

Sorry, but in my opinion this is of a completely different order than being first to come with a cam without a mirrorbox that has been around for decades (inthis price range). I don't find this innovative at all. Merely a copy, doing things just a bit different. No problem, you see this everywhere.

b. The NX lenses are very small. This is remarkable given that they are designed for the APS-C based mount.

The new ones seem large and heavy to me. Especially the macro and the portrait lens, but I have to say I do not know their dimensions yet nor their weight. Also the 18-200 comes across as quite large.

c. The lenses are more reasonably priced than other mirror-less options, yet somehow are of equivalent or even better build and optical quality.

Agreed in general, although the prices are coming down. Like the 40-150mm Oly. Also the 7-14 and even the 45mm panaleica. Suffice to say that lensquality and pricing is nothing to complain about when you have an NX. Really good!

I have said what I see as pro's and cons for both systems. In short: if pany gets us a 50mm 1.7 AF portrait lens at 500 euro, I will buy it immediately. If such a lens ain't on a roadmap within the next year (including on a roadmap), I might consider another system which does (i.e.: Samsung NX). For shooting familly etc, such a lens is essential and the MF Canon 1.4 FD I have know shows me the m43 is capable of very very nice picture with a good portrait lens....I miss AF on that lens.

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