LumoLabs: Pentax K-5 low light focus study is published

Started Feb 23, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Unfortuanetly the reoprts are important :*(

Oh man, I have enough reports of meetings and decisions to read now already....

Drop those other reports. I am sure they are boring to death

Boring they are but also about people loosing their jobs and budget cuts in the firedepartment so that actually makes any FF issue rather irrelevant...

falconeyes wrote:

Then we can use a DOf calculator etc etc....

The paper contains an example. IIRC, it says something like 25cm on 1m distance at 31mm f/1.8.

This is to me the confusing part, 25 cm on a distance of 1 m???

Are u sure??? I have heard people complain about "out of focus" or "oft". Some people sa they really had to look into it but this is HUGE...

Odd thing, I do cheat on DPR a bit and do visit other forums, not just the one that shall not be named here but a few local Pentax forums (NL, BE) an I have not ever heard on one of those of this issue.... Even the thread I started("Do you have the FF issue?") gt just a few "No"'s

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