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Re: My data, my drive: f the cloud... computing is an idea that resufaces in a new wrapper every 10-15 years. It is born in an idillyc IT pipe dream that still resonates from the days of minis & mains w/dumb terminals. They regret the development of the personal computer, upon which we could all have our own stuff on our own drives.

They have tried to eliminate this model many times. First (late 80's) they wanted to go to network server model where all the apps would reside on the server & we would be on driveless pc's. Next (mid 90's), it was internet served apps delivered to driveless java boxes. Now, it's all data will be stored in the cloud & we'll all have driveless touch pads & crap.

The bottom line is that we understand the difference & have done so since the 1st personal computer.

They will never succeed, we will always know, our stuff our drive. F the IT dictators!

Although this time they do seem to stand a chance because our youth seem all to willing to be spineless corporate shills manipulated by the whims of our corporate overlords.

lylejk wrote:

First, so many times have I heard that smart phone/pads are going to be the future and that everything will be in the cloud. If you consider that all your data will be externally stored and accessed, then the emphasis will be higher bandwidth internet access with very little localized storage (maybe just enough for the OS). I do not like the cloud idea personally, but I pretty much solely depend on it for image sharing and file sharing already. Take a look at this cool video link that was recently emailed to me about Corning Glass. Basically, everyone's digital phone will be like a defacto hub that will then be able to access and share data at will (assuming the cloud of course as the true storage media).

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