LumoLabs: Pentax K-5 low light focus study is published

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Re: Real world meaning???

janneman02 wrote:

I do not really understand lens threshold.... Is that at optimal exposure and does it change when , for example in night shootingI stop down to get the picture dark enough to be realistic.

Well, if you didn't read the answer in the paper ...

In a nutshell: EV is EV if an 18% gray target under white light exposes as 18% gray (50% in sRGB). Otherwise, you have to apply corrections which I did.

If I use "green button it wold get much brighter but in order to refelct teh situation I stopped down or used faster exposure to get a more real life view.

As I said, image and target brightness must be cinsidered, not just EXIF.

Then we can use a DOf calculator etc etc....

The paper contains an example. IIRC, it says something like 25cm on 1m distance at 31mm f/1.8.

3. Faster lenses seem to keep working in lower light but of course, are prone to > > Please, refer to the full study and accompanying material before discussion. I am available to answer questions. Enjoy the read

Oh man, I have enough reports of meetings and decisions to read now already....

Drop those other reports. I am sure they are boring to death

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