Second/slave flash or other techniques for portraits?

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Re: Second/slave flash or other techniques for portraits?

Thanks for all of the advice given in this thread.

I have decided to go with the Canon ST-E2 transmitter so as to be able to use the E-TTL automated features if I want to, although I will experiment with manual settings as well. I will not be tethered by a cable, and the camera with the transmitter will be lighter than with a mounted flash unit.

At this point in time, my main/favorite subjects are a couple of toddlers.

They will not pose, so I will have to be able to quickly and unobtrusively move the strobes around them and hope the kids don't move too far away so I can take some photos. So a couple of flashes mounted on stands, everything wireless, with automated metering seems like the best fit.

In the future I could expand to bigger strobes in more of a studio type setup with manual settings and wireless triggers, but for what I am doing now, this will be a good start.

Other decisions I will need to make are whether to buy a Canon 430 EX or a less expensive Nissin for my second strobe (it looks like the Nissin is supposed to work seamlessly with the Canon transmitter system); and choose which light modifiers and stands to use.

That Impact 2 umbrella system that you pointed me to does look like a hard to beat budget option to get started while I figure out what I am doing.

Again, thanks for those who shared their knowledge.

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