Enabling "Servo" mode on Metz 48 AF-1....

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bad question

I just updated my firmware and tried this out. It occurs to me now that my question before was kind of a dumb question, since Servo mode is intended for use when the camera is not in wireless flash mode. And my question was about the controller flash in wireless mode.

I think overall I prefer to use TTL flash (at least until I learn enough about flash to use it in manual mode well). But it's nice to know I have this option if/when the need for it arises. So thanks for pointing out that the update was available and for the tutorial.

Catalana wrote


@math guy

I just re-read your question, and after some more tests, I realize my error. Anyway, I did some more test shots, but was more careful about reflective surfaces.

Indeed, the built-in flash set as "Controller" in Wireless mode does not contribute to the exposure, but it does trigger the Metz flash in Servo mode, although only at a power setting lower than 1/2.

There is something far more complex at work here than I can easily describe, considering how there is a cut-off point with Rear Curtain Shutter Sync speed and the power output threshold of the flash with Controller mode.

Maybe someday I'll have the patience to sit down and create a table with all the various permutations between camera and flash settings.

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