*is it too much?*

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*is it too much?*

hey guys
i need the advice of the pros.

Photography Short Course

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of photography. A systematic and thorough approach is emphasized in the area of image sensors and digital workflow. Students develop essential skills for obtaining consistent results and a foundation in photography as a visual language.

Also, this course is a survey of the visual structure and history of photography, examining individuals, movements and the theories behind them that are the foundation of the art form, including topics on composition, light and its effect.

  • Understand that a good photograph is made in the photographer’s mind; the camera is merely a tool for expressing what he or she sees.

  • Understand the basics of good composition and lighting, including lighting ratio and contrast.

  • Understand and be able to manipulate the factors that control exposure in order to achieve optimum exposure.

  • Understand the factors that dictate choice of media type and ISO.

  • Understand the functions of the basic controls of an adjustable camera.

  • Understand depth of field, its utilization and how to alter it to achieve specific desired results.

  • Understand when and how to select specific shutter speeds in order to achieve a desired outcome.

  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of film vs digital photography.

  • Have the information necessary to make an informed choice of camera, be it film or digital.

  • Understand the principles of portraiture, candid and event photography.

  • Learn the best ways to archive and protect images for future generations.

This course can be used as a ‘stepping stone’ for students who wish to progress to our more advanced qualifications, the professional Diploma in Digital Journalism, and our BA degrees.

Short History of Photography, Quality of Light, Aperture / DOF, Image size, Photographic Optics & Theory of prospective, Portraiture, Human figure, Out-door photography, Architectural photography, Landscape, Basics of digital post-production in photography.

SAE Photography Certificate (This certificate has advanced standing towards our other programmes)

  • March 5, 2011

  • Duration: 12 weeks

  • every Saturday

  • 10am-1pm

  • Registration Fee AED 500 due at registration

  • Course Fee AED 8,000

  • Total Fee AED 8,500 in dollars around- 2,500 USD

Is this normal?

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