m.zuiko 40-150 is only 109.99 at staples.com

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Re: Package is in transit

Mine's here! Delivered a few minutes ago. Only had a chance to take about 10 pictures, but I like what I'm seeing. At the shorter focal lengths, it appears to be, at first blush, pretty much equivalent to the 45-200...but at longer focal lengths (100-150), looks sharper than what I consistently get out of the 45-200. It is WAY smaller (and way lighter). Not ready to ditch the 45-200 yet, but if it consistently performs this sharp, I'll send my 45-200 on its way (though I'll miss the IS).

Focus is fast and absolutely silent (to my ears). Zoom is different from the panny lenses, but the same as my Canon lenses, so it'll just take a little relearning). Disappointed that it's a plastic mount, but for decently sharp glass, this small, and for $109, I'll take it!.

I'll post more formal impressions later on.

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