Got a great 20mm f1.7shot by chance :-)

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Re: Shot indoors at ISO 100

larsbc wrote:

rkhndjr wrote:

beomagi wrote:

OP shot - iso 2500, 1/5 seconds, f1.7

yours - iso 100, 1/40 seconds, f1.7

Obviously yours in in an area, far brighter - OP settings have to gather 200 times the light yours does.

I am aware of that. But you must accommodate in some way to avoid a ISO of that magnitude IMO. It must have been completely dark for him.

I agree. His camera was basically maxed out, although I think the woman's face is a bit over-exposed, and he might've gotten away with maybe a full-stop reduction in shutter speed. But sometimes, you're stuck in a situation where you either capture a technically poor photo or none at all.

I was not in exactly a well lit room myself.

I'm in my office, at work right now. The sun is shining directly on my window, so I've got the blinds pulled down part-way. My meter is giving me this for the exposure: ISO160, f/1.7, 1/100 sec.

That's half the speed of your exposure, and just less than half the ISO. So within a half-stop of what you had.

Your exposure is also close to my personal rule-of-thumb for office lighting which is: ISO400, f/2.8, 1/60 sec (roughly equiv to ISO100, f/1.7, 1/40).

In other words, I'd guess the light here is within a stop of what you were shooting in.

Based on that, there's absolutely no way I'd consider your scenario to be even close to low light. What you had was equivalent to standard office lighting.

IMO this is a common source of confusion and disagreement. People have differing opinions of what constitutes low light, and this is a prime example. Based on the houses I've been in, low light, for me, begins with your typical living room illumination at night. Or street lighting without standing in front of brightly-lit store windows.

edit: I just noticed that my 2nd point was made redundant but another poster, so I apologize for flogging this dead horse.

These replies for a long time have been beating a dead horse:-)) It is all just some way to pass time. I know I had plenty of light And OP did not.


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