Quick test using the Samsung SEF42A flash on the NX10

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Thanks Ixon. I have some questions

Ixon, would you mind some SEF-42A & NX-10 related questions?

  • Does it feel too heavy when mounted on NX-10?

  • How do you find exposure quality with SEF42A? Does it get easily tricked with reflecting surfaces? Persistent in bounce?

  • It has only TTL and Manual modes, no Auto (thyristor) mode?

  • How about the lag? Could you feel the preflash presence? Does it lead to "sleepy eyes" effect often?

  • How does it behave when you mix flash EV comp. on camera and on the flash itself?

Sorry for throwing all those Q at you - I really wanted to buy this flash, but am hesitant due the lack of a swivel ability.

Loving this 30mm lens, i would say it sharper than the Panasonic 20mm F1.7.

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Greetings, Aleksandar

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