Testing my GH2's sensor

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Re: Testing my GH2's sensor

Al Bond wrote:

Wow. Thanks for such a detailed and interesting reply.

To be honest, although I accepted the logic of ETTR, I hate blown highlights more than noisy shadows so normally find myself moving the histogram left again.

I think it is about time I brushed up on the zone system!

But underexposing can be still ETTR because in many cases you will still have some parts of almost overexposed parts.

My example was to prove that even if we underexpose ISO400 we don't get worse quality than shooting in ISO1600 and we can also avoid highlights clipping as extra bonus if DR of the scene is big, like i.e. night shots of the city.

With G1 it's clear that I can shoot at ISO400 with i.e. -1 instead of using ISO800.
Noise level will be almost the same, but I get extra 1 EV for highlights.

Until this test I was believing that shooting at ISO1600 will give me better results that ISO400 with -2EV correction but looks like I don't get better image at ISO1600.

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