Nikon 24-85 2.8-4 and D700 - how is it?

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Re: This lens is a case of Jekyll and Hyde

ron_9 wrote:

Ya know after I posted this I looked at your pict again and downloaded it and took it to PS. I've never seen anything loke this in any of 1000's of shots with the two 24-85's that I have owned. I think your lens must have a hangover of some sort much different than anything I have experienced--ron s.

Ya know I was speechless when I read your post last night. It stunned me more than the brickwall photo I took.

What you are seeing is Hyde. There he is whenever you take frontal shots of stairs and brickwalls that close. Have you ever tried those? I had never until last Sunday.

Before I bought this lens, I did a lot of user comments and photos taken with it. It was on a Hong Kong forum that I saw Hyde for the first time. Somehow I still bought this lens because I also saw the Jekyll in it.

It didn't cost me an arm and leg to buy it. If I were to sell it later, I am not going to lose more than AUD250. Believe it or not, a lot of people in Hong Kong still reckon that this lens is the next choice after the 24-70.

ron_9 wrote:

Gllad you agree--I think many get hung up on this the amount of distortion, since it is approx 2.05 at 24mm going to zero in the upper focal lenght. Putting it In perspective that is fairly minor compared to many other lenses including the 24-130 and 28-300, the 24-70mm f2.8 has almost that much. It seems to me to be more barrel(very easily handled), as opposed to the actual wave distortion(going to Photzone's site will give you exact). Good point on the flare.

I tried the 24-120mm and was very, very disappointed--works best on Dx--have sent back. I then got 28-300mm (not a perfect lens) but I'm in luv with that puppy. Never thought I could have a softy spot for a 10x lens-------but----my 24-85mm F2.8-4 is going no where, it's safe---ron s.

aus4ever wrote:

I agree with everything else you said except for distortion at its widest. Here is an example of the wave-like distortion I said earlier.


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