PowerShot G12 - built-in ND filter

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Re: PowerShot G12 - built-in ND filter

HugoH wrote:

Hi folks, anyone already got an idea of how that ND filter is supposed to work. Is that a new feature on the G12 or was it already in place on the G11? I wonder how it works inside the camera and whether it actually is an optical filter or just some sort of post processing. The manual doesn't tell. If it is an optical filter that would be a nice feature.

It's real. When I owned a G3 it had one. In fact, I think it's fairly common in pocket cameras too. To avoid the diffraction effects of using a small aperture, they opt for secretly using an ND filter to achieve an "equivalent" aperture value. There's depth of field to spare on Elph-sized cameras so there's no other reason for them to use a tiny aperture anyway.

My SD4000 has one and it's honest about it (you see ND flash on the screen) even though I haven't seen it advertised and there's no way to manually control it.

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