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anthony mazzeri wrote:

ChristopherH43 wrote:

I think that the decision is whether to go for sb600/700 (when it is available) or sb900. What would be the important differences between these two (apart from price).

The 800 is a commander/master unit, which means when it's connected to the camera's hotshoe it takes over the camera's in-built popup flash's commander role to sync multiple wireless slave/remote flash units.

Rough explanation of a commander unit (ie the camera itself, or the 800 connected to it) is you can set the values of all the other wireless flash units all over the place through the one screen on the SB800 or on the camera so you don't have to walk around adjustng each one individually. But do you really need the 800 to do that when the camera's in-built flash can do it anyway? Only if you want a stronger flash connected to the camera, otherwise the camera's inbuilt popup flash does a perfect job as the commander.

Basically, apart from the 800 being a slightly stronger (38 vs 30) the main difference between an SB800 (commander or remote) and an SB600 (remote only) is when it's connected to the hotshoe - the 600 is just a basic single flash, while the 800 does that too but also can control other flashes. Not connected to the camera both are just the same wireless slaves.

Simply put, if you want to control multiple flash units from one connected to the hotshoe, get one 800 and all the rest 600s. If you only want to start with just one flash unit, just get the 600 because it doesn't matter which you get first as you can always get the 800/900 as your second flash. Third scenario, you never plan to use a flash unit connected to the hotshoe at all and just want a remore flash unit controlled/synced all the time by the in-built popup flash, get a 600.

Hope that helps.

Great response. I just ordered an SB600 for my camera this morning and this made me feel even better about my purchase.

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