Screen size on the 11.6" Macbook Air - a dealbreaker?

Started Feb 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: It's one of the hottest models and Apple is having supply problems.

pavinder wrote:

And now my resolution concerns have been addressed it's only that issue of being excluded from the Back To School campaign that's making me hold back.

You're not being excluded from the Back To School campaign (assuming that you meet any "must be a faculty member or student" requirements that apply). You are free to buy any of the models to which the Back To School discount applies. However, Apple gets to choose the models to which discounts apply.

The 11-inch Air has the lowest base price of any Apple notebook (the same as the MacBook's base price). A previous post says that the 11-inch Air is in heavy demand, and that Apple is having problems getting enough of them. Under these circumstances, the "law" of supply and demand not only weighs against a price cut ("why leave money on the table when you can sell all you can build?"), but actually might argue for a temporary price increase ("if you raise the price by $X, enough fewer customers will order the thing that supply will catch up to demand").

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