Testing my GH2's sensor

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Re: Testing my GH2's sensor

grzybu wrote:

I'm using RawTherapee which is really good for panasonic and olympus cameras. I didn't found any problem with hues while trying to preserve highlights on underexposed photos.

Here is my simple test shot at ISO1600 and ISO400 -2EV and then pushed in RawTherapee by 2EV.

Pushed ISO400 has bit more noise, but detail level looks very similar and noise looks also more natural for me.

Interesting, especially as I use Rawtherapee as well. I normally shoot my G1 at low ISOs but I have just started playing with higher ISOs to get a better feel of how to get the best out of the camera if the need arises.

I agree that the noise in the ISO image looks more natural - especially as there is less evidence of banding.

But I am a bit confused. The philosophy of "shoot to the right" works on the basis that there is more data recorded across the higher higher tones of the image so you want as much image data there as possible, to improve tonality and minimise noise and posterisation.

Does "shoot to the right" only hold good for ISOs which are not artificial (ie not digital scalings of lower ISOs)? In which case, I wonder what the highest real ISO of the G1 is?

As you can tell, I'm way out of my comfort zone here!

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