Testing my GH2's sensor

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Re: Testing my GH2's sensor

bg2b wrote:

I use a hacked version of dcraw to dump out the RAW data and then massage it in Matlab.

OK, so I left this for future

After some further experimenting in Lightroom, I have to say that matching an underexposed RAW at lower ISO to a normally exposed higher ISO one is not just a simple matter of moving the exposure slider. See here: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1041&message=37799085 . So as a practical matter, it may well be better to stick with what the camera wants to do (use normal exposure at a pushed ISO) unless you're willing to do some work understanding the details of how to get hues and so forth to match. The commercial RAW converters seem to be set up to make the normal-exposure work flow easy (as they should).

I'm using RawTherapee which is really good for panasonic and olympus cameras. I didn't found any problem with hues while trying to preserve highlights on underexposed photos.

Here is my simple test shot at ISO1600 and ISO400 -2EV and then pushed in RawTherapee by 2EV.

Pushed ISO400 has bit more noise, but detail level looks very similar and noise looks also more natural for me.
Grzegorz Rakoczy

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