Samsung NX11- is it worth the upgrade?

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Apparently, not the only differences..

RandomMarius wrote:

The ONLY differences are:

1. The NX11 comes with an iFunction version lens standard. (not too big a deal)
2. The NX11 has Panaroma.

It seams these are not even the most important differences, judging by slides from the recently published Korean Samsung presentation:
It lists also this additions:

  • Changed grip

  • Sound recording with images

  • Framing mode

  • Focus Aid

  • AF linked AE

  • Delete in quick view

  • One touch RAW

Except the grip change most, if not all, of the above could be implemented to NX-10 with a simple FW upgrade. But I doubt it will ever be, because it would undercut sales of NX-11. Most of these are found in NX-100 as well.

To me the most important addition of all these would be the Framing Mode and I would likely pay to have it on my NX-10 (but not the NX-10/11 price difference though).

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