Is the 7D worth >$500 more than the 60D?

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Re: Is the 7D worth >$500 more than the 60D?

T3 wrote:

danielcaola wrote:

I own a 40d and am considering an upgrade- is it possible to do what you have described with the white balance, instead of the flash comp? That being the one I would use most.

Yes, you can assign WB to the Set button.

For me, since I've already assigned Flash Exposure Comp to the Set button, I've put WB on the Q button. You don't actually "assign" WB to the Q button. You simply have WB selected on the Quick Menu screen. That way, every time you hit the Q button, it brings up the Quick Menu screen with the WB parameter already pre-selected. From there, it's simply a matter of turning the finger wheel to toggle through the WB presets. So basically, it's push-the-button, turn-the-wheel, just like you do on the 40D...except that you're looking at the large rear LCD instead of the small top LCD. And you have the option of either turning the finger wheel by the shutter button, or turning the rear Quick Control Dial. It doesn't matter which wheel you turn, they both change the WB. No confusion, no need to remember which wheel to turn. That's a very nice convenience.

So if you prefer, you can do the opposite of what I've done: assign WB to the Set button, and pre-select Flash Exposure Comp on the Quick Menu.

By the way, how do you find the 60d's auto wb setting? Does it work ok outdoors ie for sun/shade/cloud? (so maybe I wouldn't need it unless I went indoors anyway?)

I think the 60D's auto WB works fine, but I only shoot RAW, so I can alter the WB in post-processing anyways.

Thanks T3, extremely helpful

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