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Re: Question re Quick solution:

Coldamus wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Simply buy a Novoflex PK-> NX adapter or the Samsung oem equivalent. Both these adapters have an aperture control built in and you can use your NX with the Pentax 70/2.4 today. I have that lens with the Novoflex, works well enough.

Manual focus of course but that is not such big deal. One almost wonders how anyone possibly managed with manual focus capturing their images on film.

Tom, I was just looking at the Novoflex NX-PK adapter on B & H web site and they describe it as follows:

The Novoflex NX/PENT Lens Adapter allows you to mount your Pentax K lenses to Samsung NX cameras while maintaining infinity focus. There are no couplers between the lens and the adapter and the camera so metering is stopped down and operation is manual or aperture priority.

This adapter has an integrated aperture control ring for Pentax K lenses that do not have one. Aperture is controlled through the camera.

This seems contradictory to me. i.e. First they say there are no couplers and then they say the aperture is controlled through the camera.

I knew there was an aperture control on the Novoflex adapter but I thought it could only be pre-set manually similar to Samsung's own NX-PK adapter.

Would you please enlighten us with the truth of the matter.

I don't know why that last sentence is there, as aperture is not controlled through the camera. Maybe they meant exposure is controlled through the camera. Set the camera to Av, then change the aperture with the ring on the adaptor and the camera will automatically adjust the shutter speed for correct exposure. Works fine for slow photography (landscape, etc) but not if you have to adjust aperture quickly.

I've used a Pentax 77mm F/1.8 Limited on the NX10 quite a lot, usually wide open, and manual focusing was challenging with moving subjects, but fine with still ones (I do mostly candid street photography). You can read my review of the NX10 here:




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