Why not to buy a new camera

Started Feb 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Cameras are constantly improving

People playing golf and other sports also try to improve their game by using "better" equipment. (It actually works - temporarily - because they focus more than before on using the new racket, shotgun, or yoyo.)

However... digicams are following the steps of computers, although a dozen years later. "Wow! A 3 megapixel camera, with a 2x zoom! OK, it's not as good as a 35mm film cam, but....!"

So it has been an evolving thing with quality and features. Naturally, unsatisfied with the IQ, people would upgrade. Photographers who were pros or enthusiasts, familiar with 35mm quality, but liking the features of digital, would upgrade, seeking the "holy grail."

The digital technology has now surpassed 35mm film picture quality, so the "next step" is to match "medium size" film, then eventually perhaps 8x10 film quality. (Although currently the marketing trend is to provide more superzoom.)

Of course one should buy a new enthusiast/pro camera, because their quality (in general) keeps improving and it has a long way to go. Along the way, it would not hurt trying to take some decent photos with the cam you've got, however - although that is not necessary.

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