Why is my computer so slow between pictures?

Started Feb 21, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Why is my computer so slow between pictures?

I have a new system, it runs Windows 7, and Windows Photo Viewer takes about a full second to flip from one photo to the next, as you press the arrow key to advance. These are 12mp jpg files.

My previous XP desktop and Vista Laptop didn't have this lag.

Is it because:

1) pics somehow are not 'cached' yet?

2) the shared video card just isn't enough to drive this 17.3" High Res screen?

3) the slow 5400 rpm harddrive (though my previous Vista laptop was the same).

4) something new in the way Windows Photo Viewer or Windows 7 are implemented?

5) just too many files in a single folder? (this is something new, I've moved all pics into one multi gigabyte folder).

Please help, this lag is taking the joy out of viewing images.

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