Testing my GH2's sensor

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Re: Testing my GH2's sensor

kenw wrote:

BillHinge wrote:

So a test would be shoot a dark scene at ISO 3200, do same scene with same shutter and aperture but dial in 2 stops under exposure compensation

The compare and contrast in LR and the 2 stops under exposure will look better once corrected ?

I think the assertion is shoot the same scene at ISO3200 properly exposed and at ISO800 underexposed by two stops (so the two shots will have the same aperture and shutter speed), then take both into LR and add 2 stops of exposure compensation to the underexposed ISO800 shot and the results should look the same as far as noise goes.

The ISO800 is only potentially "better" in that if the scene had very bright highlights you could still do something with them where as in the ISO3200 shot they would have been blown/clipped. This is a fairly common phenomenon with the highest ISO settings of many cameras, the in camera ISO gain really doesn't improve the RAW data in anyway and is more of a convenience for JPEG and RAW processing.

That might've worked well for some moon shots I was trying to capture on a mostly overcast night. I was struggling to get all of the cloud detail and color without blowing out the moon. Next time the situation presents itself, I'll try both higher and lower ISO shots and see what I can do in post. Thanks again for the insightful discussion.

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