Rokinon 85mmF1.4 on E5 for theatre performance

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Re: A walk with only (awkward) primes : nice challenge!!

RoelHendrickx wrote:

That sounds like a perfect kit for a walk.
A nice wide angle and two fast primes.

I've often made walks with just 7-14 (or 8FE) and then PL25 and ZD50.

But I've also taken the prime-craze to its limits and have gone out for walks with nothing else than the Rokinon 85mm or the ZD150 (that was pretty extreme).

It's a nice kit when I want the FoV versatility. I more often just nab one lens ... which one based on mood and caprice ... and wander with it, see what it can see, and I though it.

I like your galleries.

Saturday's walk was something of a bust as it rained quite a lot .. I left the weathersealed 50mm on the camera while out on the walk, dried things off and switched to the 11-22 for interior shots later (oh the joy of a weathersealed camera... :-)). But Sunday I picked up a better lens hood (actually a used Nikon HN-7, the original lens hood for the 85/1.8) and then went cafe sitting to learn the lens. The HN-7 is a little short for an 85mm on FourThirds, but it seems to be doing a good job and isn't obnoxiously bulky, so I'll probably live with it. In a pinch, I can always make it longer with some thin black felt and construction paper...

First one up:

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