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Re: Worth to try..

hi there

cannot seem to be able to get the screen as shown here with the mpeg streamclip

englishman wrote:

DavidKa wrote:

Tried to transcode with AVID DNxHD and got a huge 1.58GB file out of 398MB original MOV. Is it normal?

Yes, it's normal. For instance, I just made a movie that started with 13 video clips. All total they were about 5GB. After transcoding, the set was about 22GB.

But remember, after making your movie, you delete those files. So unless your computer can't handle the large files, it's a moot point. Additionally, you don't have to choose the highest quality . . . there are 8-bit options (within AVID - see screenshot at end of this post) which will produce smaller files.

lacix wrote:

..No is not!

I tried AVID too! 1.7G mov. file size took 3 ours to transcode to 1.5G MP4, and sound problems!

The same file on Avidemux took 20 min. to transcode down to 300MB MP4

I can’t see any visual differences, but excellent IQ, and sound quality

Lacix, I hate to tell you this, but you're doing something wrong. It took me about 10 minutes to do all 13 of my video clips totaling about 5GB. Additionally, using AVIdemux to transcode to MP4 is nice and all, but AVIdemux is not a real video editor. It's extremely limited. And if you transcode to that format (which is not lossless), then edit in Vegas or Pinnacle, then render your file again, you're looking at serious quality loss.

Remember, you should be transcoding to an intermediate format that is lossless!

Check the Canon site to see what I'm talking about. The people who chose to use this file / compression scheme (.mov, h264) readily admit that the .mov container is not friendly with non-linear editing programs.

Other professionals say the same thing (B&H has an excellent article on a workflow for .mov files which also includes transcoding to an intermediate format using MPEG Streamclip but I can't find the article right now).

If you want to use AVIdemux that's great, but you're limiting yourself to a program that is not a real editor.

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