Happy with 7D ?

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Re: Happy with 7D ?

Not looking back now.. Love my 7d

after using my sons d5000 i decided to get a 550d because i have a small collection of FD Lenses i wanted to recap. after using the 550d for awhile i was hankering for something more substantial. oh! I liked the pictures out of the 550d much better..and read all the GLOWINg reviews and seeing pictures from the d7000. i folded. I went to bestbuy and got one..for the first week i thought i was in love.. then i had an op to contact nikon customer support about the cracked display protector that the camera had out of the box. they said it wasn't covered i sent them a question about something else and got no response. I did like the camera and miss the dual cards and the multi-exposure feature and calendar.. but i also found that i had to work harder to get a good picture out of the d7000..(I am really a newb to DSLR) Back to Bestbuy on day 12 and exchanged for the 7d to my surprise the 7d was $200 less than it was 3 days before +++ in the short time i have had the 7d like the 550d i get good pics more often..with less work.. and i expect it will improve as i learn the camera better..picked up a 430ex II also. now when i get some more spending money I'll be getting an adaptor so i can put my fd 300 f/4 back to work

I did also note that the d7000 with its kit lens didnt focus any faster than the 550d with kit lens or the 7d with kit lens..

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