Is the 7D worth >$500 more than the 60D?

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not for me

Unless you consistently shoot high speed action where you consistently need 8fps, I just don't think the 60D is worth $500 more. Just think of what else you can spend that extra $500 on. For me, instead of getting a 7D, I bought a 60D and an iPad instead. I'm much happier having a 60D plus an iPad than I probably ever could be with just a 7D.

Ingersoll wrote:

So with the announcement of the 600D I see the price of the 60D has been dropping like a stone the last couple weeks. I've outgrown my Nikon D90 and was set to get a Nikon D7000 until I saw how painfully small the buffer is vs the Canon 60D. I'm a bit concerned that I've heard the 60D mocked as a "super Rebel" and the 600D seems to drive that point home further.

I've got my sights narrowed to either the 60D or a 7D. I know I get a fair amount more in the 7D with greater fps, more and better AF points, 100% view, etc. I'm just not sure those things are worth the current $500 premium. i've also heard Canon is due to release some rebates 2/20 including a $200 rebate on the 7D and $100 on the 60D.

For those who might have shot with both, is the AF THAT much better on the 7D vs the 60D. I'm guessing that would be the biggest tipping point for me, just not sure it's worth 30% of the cost of the 60D.

Thanks all!

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