Does dpreview slow your computer down?

Started Feb 16, 2011 | Discussions thread
John Q Public Forum Member • Posts: 82
No. Look to your system. G-luck

IE8 on a laptop... subsecond 15% cpu utilization opening the home page, I see the same opening google, so....

I do stay well patched, scanned, defragged, and etc, but surely you've done that, right? Think about that last in some depth; any one of those has quite a few aspects and implications to consider in doing right.. Take patches:

Chipset firmware?
Video Driver?

You do have a decent hard drive, page file, and memory, yes? It doesn't take much (again I only use laptops), but...

I don't find iit bandwidth intensive, but I suppose that's relative (The guy in Germany has a chaalenge, yes?), but I'm over wifi and any gamer will attest to the latency there...

Which btw, are you on wifi? wifi brings our the worst in a system/network, so... ya'll may consider trying direct attached to see..

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