Is the 7D worth >$500 more than the 60D?

Started Feb 15, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: how would anyone know the answer to that?

Thank you for a most informative discussion.

I am looking at either a 60D / 7D or a Nikon 7000 to replace an ageing 350 in four months. Price not overly important except this will be a duty free purchase and it has to come under approx AUS$2k.

Current Canon lenses were basic kit models with no stabilization so loyalty to Canon is not an issue - plus my 14 yo will happily inherit the 350 plus lenses.

All three will more than suffice for my requirements.

Only concern with the 60D is the flip screen which seems like an additional liability to damage - I am not the most careful user - hence a robust camera is good.

Guess it will come down to relative price differentials in June.

Currently leaning towards the 7D or Nikon but this will undoubtably change several times during the comming weeks.

Thanks again

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