So, what is THE lens for 4/3?

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Re: I see a 35-100 f2

I'd say f2 on m43 is f4 "effective" for depth of field AND light sensitivity. I'm a m43 user who moved from Canon and am very happy with the format, but there's no arguing that ISO400 on m43 is equivalent to around ISO1600 on a Full Frame DSLR with a 4x larger sensor...

Honestly if you're intent on ignoring the primary benefit of m43 (small size), are madly in love with slow adapter translated AF, and are seriously considering spending 2k+ on a 14-35 or 35-100 f2 just buy into another system. The 14-35 and 35-100 f2 only make sense for (1) pros invested in the (non-micro) 43 olympus system who have no other choice and (2) AF100 camcorder owners.

The best lenses for m43 are the ones that actually benefit from the m43 system:

(1) 20mm f1.7 - small, fast, sharp (at f2.8) - this is your bread & butter m43 lens
(2) 14-45mm - small, sharp, solid IS, decent range, best kit lens in town

(3) 14mm f2.5 - if pocketability is #1, slower than 20 and only around 16mm after m43 corrections
(4) 40-150mm m.zuiko - tiny, half the weight of the panny 45-200

not the sharpest, but all the native m43 telezooms are consumer grade lenses

(5) 100-300mm - $$$ for a consumer telezoom and heavy, 300mm on m43 is crazy long

Just buy the 20mm f1.7 - nothing else really comes close. Hopefully the rumored 12mm olympus pancake is released soon to complement it.

seho wrote:

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Steve Bingham wrote:

Price is reasonable at $2,500 for a 70-200 effective f2. Wow.

"Effective" 70-200 f4...

Sorry, not f4 "effective" unless you ignore exposure and only care about depth of field.

Which isn't at all what most people are thinking about when they consider a given lens's f-stop.

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