What kind of light setup do I need?

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uzuncakmak Forum Member • Posts: 57
What kind of light setup do I need?

Hi experts,

I will be working on a school yearbook and therefore taking pictures of students, teachers and class (group) photos...

I was planning to ask a technician that I know who can create a light setup for me using regular bulbs/spots and their stands to position them easily. Also I'd use some pieces of cloth (preferably white) to place in front of the lights to soften. And I'd ask the same guy to use dim lights so I can adjust the amount whenever I want. This way the lights will be continuous which is fine.. This is only in theory and in practice I do not know if it will help me any..

I want the best quality of picture possible in terms of light..

This will be the first time I will experiment with an artificial light setup so I want to use a light setup.


Q1: Do you think my initial idea will work? if yes, how can this idea be made better?

Q2: I have checked some light setups from Elinchrom. An entry level system with two lights and soft-boxes cost around 600Euro / 821$.. Should I not bother with my system above and go for a real one if I want to experiment only??

Q3: Are there any other systems cheaper than Elinchrom with the same quality that I can consider buying?

Q4: How many lights will be enough?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help and contribution..

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