So, what is THE lens for 4/3?

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Re: So, what is THE lens for 4/3?

For standard 4/3, the Olympus Zuiko high grade and pro grade offerings were all really good, and the high grade lineup was excellent value. The problem is they haven't really released high grade lenses yet for micro 4/3.

For the micro lineup, the emphasis has been much more heavily on making everything small and lightweight. Olympus has done some pretty innovative things in that direction, including releasing a 14-150 that weighs only 10.2 oz (63% as much as the Panasonic 14-140), an affordable 40-150 which weighs only 6.7 oz (50% as much as the Panasonic 45-200), and a 9-18 which weighs only 5.5 oz. These lenses are all pretty nice optically as well, but they won't win any awards based on MTF charts alone. They are mostly very good consumer grade lenses optically.

You can of course try the higher grade 4/3 lenses with an adapter, but expect poor autofocus (the mirrorless cameras must use a completely different focus system, which requires compatible lenses), noise when shooting video (unless you manually focus), and a lens size that isn't really that well suited to the smaller cameras.

Olympus does seem poised to release some higher grade optics for the micro-four-thirds lineup beginning this year, and Panasonic has some on the roadmap as well, so there should be some more intriguing options available soon.

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