Pulled the plug on the E-PL2 two lens kit.

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Re: Pulled the plug on the E-PL2 two lens kit....where?

normsmith wrote:

Brian - In many quarters, including professional reviews, EPL* is classed as a step up camera from compact users, who don't want to go to full DSLR.

What needs more emphasis is that these cameras are attractive to existing DSLR user ..... though same reviewers tend to view that move as 'stepping down'. So it is nice to see posts like yours that show people who are used to having good kit and have done their homework are quite confident in buying into m4/3 for the advantages that it brings.

In some ways, it reminds me of a decade ago, when die hard fillm users thought digital was of the devil and there was a lot of bluster on forums and letter pages and yet here we are today, with digital maturing and being mainstream. High end compacts and m4/3 seem to be amidst some of that growing pain in becomming mainstream - though I think the arguements are largely won, as mirrorless is now taking a significant slice of market share.

I have changed my cameras several times over recent years, each time spending too many hours hanging on to every word from reviewers and users, while trying to make a decision.

In the end, I have come to a point in which I feel most modern cameras are very good and that the differences between them are easier to talk about or see on paper than it is to see in real world shooting (for most of us), with the most relevant differentiation probably being whether or not you make a living from your photography.

having just picked up the EPL1, i think you are really going to enjoy your new camera.

Norm, thanks for the your kind comments. I’m downsizing; I will have my high end kit, D700 and my favorite FX lenses for planned shooting. The Olympus E-PL2 plus the two kit lens and maybe a prime wide for on the go or casual shooting.


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