Firmware Crippling: D3100

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Re: Firmware Crippling: D3100

Personally, I think both Nikon and Canon have lost their way to some degree.

If you're intentionally not making the BEST camera you can for the money, eventually your competition will leapfrog you. (Other manufacturers are indeed catching up and are cheaper). Meanwhile your customers will resent that you've crippled features, and some with the expertise may even try to hack their way around the limitations. So if you find that one day Canon or Nikon are in the news for going into receivership, this is one reason why.

Those making the decisions seem to forget that no one buys a camera for the sake of having a camera. We all buy cameras because they allow us to do something. Bottom line: I don't think it's okay or even sensible to do product differentiation by crippling your own offerings, and when reality bites it bites hard.

Canon are no better and have taken away seating from their factory workers and intentionally crippled their once stellar point and shoot A-series. Their DSLRs also have crippled features at the low end (like lack of spot metering on 300D, 400D and presumably subsequent models).

Brand loyalty is for suckers.

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