Took the Plunge, need advice.

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I'm tired...

... it's been a busy day and I have not read the thread.

I have looked at the wolf and boat and other shots onyour web site. Who would want to buy one of these? I can't figure this out.

About the conference; start by determining the point of the photos.

Most conferences are important because the conference is located somewhere, sponsored by some organization, and hat usualy means the pictures should show where it is and who is running it.

So, why backgrounds?

Back to determining the point fo the pictures...

Do they want a shot of every speaker, to put beside a writeup in a conference summary?

Is this shot to be taken during a presentation?

Where will you stand? Is the speaker up on a platform?Are you going to block other people's views?

Is the speaker talking in the dark, illuminated only by light bouncing off a powerpoint screen?

Do yu pan to shoot two flashshots per speaker, or thirty, which annoys the audience?

Should you have a mini-studio, with proper signage, so you do Santa Clasu style shots -- the assoc. president, say, and each director, one at a time with the pres.?

Just some thougths.

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