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Re: Truely Amazing

f64manray wrote:

If someone from 2011 were able to travel back iin time to 1985 and put a T2i in my hands, I doubt my primitive monkey brain of the period would have been able to comprehend it. Surely it would have been some superior technology from an alien race.

I bet you could comprehend it. But the computer to download/view/postprocess the photos on effectively would cost you an arm and leg in 1985!

Gentlemen, we live in good times. Be thankful. Be appreciative. I stand in awe and amazement of the brilliant minds that have invented this technology as well as the free market that allows these companies to compete with each other coming up with stuff that I need that I didn't know I needed.

Well, I am except for the AF. That's something I just cannot let go easily. I know Canon was making great AF since 1998. Yet we ONLY see it in 1D and nowhere else. Dammit, even my Rebel gets a fast prime mounted, but I cannot trust it. If the shooting is critical, I need to bring my 1D which is otherwise unnecessary.

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