Is the 7D worth >$500 more than the 60D?

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Re: Is the 7D worth >$500 more than the 60D?

Keith Reeder wrote:

mforbes wrote:

Hi, I have the 60D and the Nikon D7000, I had a 7D that I purchased about a month ago and returned it, the copy I had was unusable, forget operator error argument

It was user error, pure and simple - that much was glaringly clear from your previous troll posts.

OP, the 7D is a spectacularly capable camera in the right hands, and - depending on your shooting style and priorities - could well be worth the extra cash.

What I don't understand is how all of you who are happy with your 7d's know 100% for sure that someone else doesn't have a defective model. How could you possibly know?

If this is a quality control issue, some will have good models, some won't. Canon have sold so many of them that even if it's less than 1% that is still a significant number of people.

As a relative newbie to forums it really does just look like a mean-spirited excuse to diss other peoples' abilities.

Some of them even admit that they have a friend who has a 7d which works perfectly well. I would want to be pretty sure before accusing someone of making this up. And you can't be sure, so why accuse?

Who knows this guy might be wrong about his 7d but it really is most unpleasant to watch you all descend like a pack of wolves on someone who may or may not have made a beginner's mistake(I'm talking about other threads). If you think that's what it is, just point the mistake out, and move on. People do come on here to learn you know.

Also if I had spent $1800 on a camera and felt(rightly or wrongly) that is was faulty, I'd be pretty worked up about it and the tone of my original post might reflect that. But the rest of us have the option of being more measured in our replies.

Some of it is bound to be user error but this doesn't mean that there can't be any dud copies out there too. Which you wouldn't know about, if you don't have one.

FWIW I think witchmountain is an awesome photo... not sure about the cat though...

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