I finally bought the 7Hi!

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Re: Thanks!

Hans wrote:

Hi Plamen
As I understood: The European warranty is worldwide (1 year) but
for the the American version you have to send it to Minolta service
in the USA.


I was in the US recently and was seriously torn between buying a 7HI there or waiting and ordering one from Germany (I live in Portugal). The warranty issue was a main decider for me.

I asked about the warranty in the US. It is called an "International Warranty" and talks about a different situation depending on whether the camera was bought in the US, Japan or some other countries.

Sorry I'm being vague but the warranty is vague. Basically it says that it is an international warranty, but if you buy it in country X you will have to have it warranty repaired in country X whereas if you buy it in country Y you can have it warranty repaired anywhere (in countries X, Y and Z). And it lists a bunch of countries including US and Japan, but doensn't make it clear if these are X countries or Y countries.

It's in English and very badly worded. I asked the sales guy who seemed quite savvy. He said it was obvious. Then I told him to read the first paragraph of the warranty card himself. He read it and then he admitted he had no idea what it meant.

I had read that if you buy it in Germany it has a 2 year warranty.
I phoned (and emailed) ny-camera.de to confirm this.

The guy told me that yes indeed it has a 2 yr international warranty. If I need warranty repairs in the first 2 years I can get it fixed here in Portugal or send it to Germany.

I'm not sure about non-EU countries. The 2yr thing is apparently the law in Germany. Electronic devices must be sold with 2yr warranties. Maybe if I get it fixed in Japan they will only honour the warranty for a year even if I bought it in Germany - who knows.


Apparently this German 2yr warranty is an EU law. (Does anyone know this for a fact?). This would seem to imply that it should apply in the rest of the EU, including the Netherlands. I haven't found out yet. Perhaps it's only German law. Perhaps it's an EU rule which is not yet passed into law except in Germany. (Just because the EU decrees it, doesn't mean the member states obey it - Portugal for example flouts EU law by charging crippling taxes on new cars - but prefers to pay the EU a heavy fine than lose the tax revenue)

I am trying to find out about the Netherlands because of the site that Hans referred me to that currently has the camera almost 200 euros cheaper than the German site. (And I used to live in Amsterdam - so I'm biased)

My analysis then:

If you buy in the US:
1. For certain the warranty is only one year
2. Probably you have to send it to the US for warranty repair.

If you buy in Germany:
1. For certain the warranty is 2 years if you have it repaired in Germany
2. They tell me its 2 years if I have it repaired elsewhere in the EU
3. Not sure if its 2 years if I have it repaired outside the EU

If you buy elsewhere in the EU (like the Netherlands):
1. Not sure if the warranty is 2 yrs or 1 yr
2. Would be grateful for clarification


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