5 Reasons Why 3D Photography will Fail

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It sort of succeeded...

Simon97 wrote:

It has always been a minor interest. You could always buy stereo film gear though the years, but I have never seen the equipment in the local camera stores (may they RIP) or have never known anyone to own it or seen anyone use the gear in the field.

I've actually seen it at local camera stores, in several different incarnations over the years. "Camera Mart" in Pontiac currently carries the Fuji gear. They used to carry the Vivitar stereo cameras, and even had their on-site developing set up to not cut stereo pairs between the images when printing 4x6s.

"Adrays", in Dearborn (RIP) used to carry the Pentax and Vivitar stereo cameras, the Nimslo and Naskika lenticulars, and the i3d disposable lenticulars, as well as accepting film for processing (they sent it out, but it was still a convenient local drop off point).

"Hite Photo" in Birmingham also had an i3d kiosk up for a couple of years. They displayed a couple of i3d shots that I took.

Having said that, with digital and the other 3D gear that is available now, I can see 3D becoming more popular than ever.


If you want something weird, I read a report recently that said of "specialty photography segments", 3D has passed medium format and underwater.

This doesn't mean that every other camera will be stereo. It will probably remain a niche interest.

Definitely. It's not for everyone. Not even for the majority. But a healthy niche. You have to figure that the digital 3D niche has been growing steadily for a decade or more. From people putting two P&S cameras on an annoying bracket and connecting them with a Lan-c Shepherd, to today, with three different 3D digital cameras on the market, and 3D lens add-ons from Panasonic.

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